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Vienna, Lvov (Lemberg), Tel Aviv
Ephraim, my father – was quiet and loving, sensitive and intelligent. Simply a wonderful and astonishing human being. Together with his father, my grandfather “Israel”, the entire family moved from the great city of Vienna after the first world war to the small town of Sokal in Poland.
My father told me: “Sokal is a small Polish dump and I am pleased that I went to Lemberg to study. Admittedly Lemberg is not Vienna, but at least they wear shoes there”. Ephraim set great store not only by good shoes but also by good clothes. Elegantly dressed we went around Lemberg, Vienna, Berlin and Tel Aviv. It is not without reason that German-speaking Jews in Israel were called “Jecken”, which the Israelis derived from the word “jacket”. The same Jews who also went for walks on the beach dressed in suits in the burning heat of Tel Aviv. In Ivrit it is also an acronym for “Yehudi  Kasche Hawana – slow on the uptake”. My father was one of these slow Jews and I followed him when I emigrated to Israel in 2007.

Research, screenplay and photos of a 90min. documentary.