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Ilanit Productions Ltd. produces and markets national and international films, broadcasts, programmes, reports and advertising products of all kinds for the cinema, television and Internet.
It also prepares filming and assists in seeking out, hiring, providing, arranging and marketing of locations and equipment.
Ilanit Productions Ltd., - branch takes on writing work, such as writing, editing, publishing, publicizing and marketing film scripts and books, as well as organising related events and publications.
The above-mentioned activities can be performed both for own account or on behalf of and for the account of third parties.



- Research and organisation
- Producing shooting schedules
- Disposition of material and crews
- Costing review

- Material and subject development
- Working out the outline, treatment and storyboard
- Analysis of content

- Preparation of preproduction
- Checking filming
- Assisting in postproduction
- Complying with editorial requests