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Heinrich Heine in Tel Aviv! Heinrich Heine must come to life again in order to prove to the literary world that he is Germany’s greatest love poet. Heinrich Heine is bad-tempered, passionate and intense. Even his friends fear his malicious ridicule. He enjoys a standard of living which he is unable to afford. He is aware of his fame as a writer but is unhappy and feels unloved.
2010 – TEL-AVIV
In Tel-Aviv Heine meets Simon van Geldern, who intends to put on Heine’s Dr. Faustus dance poem in Jaffo. Simon is looking for allies. He believes he has found a suitable actor in the resurrected Heine.
With the help of Rahel Varnhagen, the great grand-daughter of Rahel Levin-Varnhagen, Simon van Geldern believes he can put on the Heine ballet in Jaffo/Israel.

Research and Screenplay of a 90min. movie.