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Leszek Pekalski
Pole admits: I killed 70 people! Police are only able to prove that he committed 23 murders / psychiatric report is being produced.
Slupsk. The Polish police have obviously tracked down a serial murderer. Following the sex murder of a 17 year old from the Bytov area, suspicion fell on Leszek P. He was arrested in 1992. The investigations continued until April this year and the suspect, who was now 36 years old, admitted: I have killed 70 people. But in fact, only 23 murders, which were committed in many different towns and regions of Poland, could actually be attributed to the serial murderer between 1984 and 1992. A psychiatric report is now to examine his soundness of mind and criminal responsibility.
Leszek, who grew up in an orphanage and lived for many years in a secure institution for the mentally handicapped, could never attract women because he had a reputation for being very dirty, untidy and lazy. He therefore directed his attention more and more to physically and mentally handicapped women. He first drew attention by masturbating outside disabled institutions. Then, in October 1992, he was sentenced to probation and a fine for attempted rape. In December 1992 he was then arrested pending further investigations after a connection had been made with the sex murder of the 17-year old Silvia.

Research and footage for the SAT1 television broadcasting and article for the Leipziger Allgemeine.